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Film Festival & Red Carpet Awards Gala

About US

Grow with music

A unique blend of music and film!

The Film Placement Conference works closely with the Music Placement Conference to network filmmakers and music makers at one conference. Finding the right music for a film is critical. The Music Placement Conference is focused around musicians and adding opportunities for placements in film projects.  .

Pitch Fest: Powered By MooVee Pitch

Yes, The pitch! Powered By the pitching company MooVeePitch.com we present opportunities for you to consult with experts in film, TV and digital placement. They will pitch your product to their contacts for placement or walk you into opportunities.  (MooVeePitch.com)

About Us

Music and Film!

One event, one location, one ticket. The power of the Music Placement Conference in its 3rd year has given birth to the Film Placement Conference. After all, when you place a film get’s placed, the music in it gets placed. We have assembled experts in the field of both music and film to discuss and demonstrate how placement works and how to build a business, get funded and more.

The Pitch

PitchFest: Powered By MooVeePitch!

How do people get their projects on TV, Netflix, and Amazon just to name a few? If you have connections, it’s easier. If you a pitch team, even better MooVeePitch.com – Is not only a pitch team of experts but it’s an entire system that prepares you and your project for the right presentation. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to pitch and present your project. You can have the right projects presented the wrong way and the answer will be NO! There is a way more to pitching your project than buying a ticket and tracking down buyers.