Film Placement Conference 

Sept 2020 Atlanta, GA



The Film Pitch Meetup

Atlanta, GA

Placement Conference

At this event, the FPC provides you with a direct 1 on 1 opportunity to pitch your TV or Film project. 



Tap into distribution channels and talk with the best in the film business for production, distribution, and profitability.


Atlanta | 2020

Film Placement Conference 2020. Panels, PitchFest, Workshops, discussions, funding talks, and networking.


What do we offer at the Film Placement Conference?

At the Film & Music Placement Conference, we provide an opportunity for indie filmmakers to showcase their films. We are especially looking for films that sync indie music throughout their films. Giving an indie artist, in some cases, their first chance a song placement is key to helping them launch their careers.

We also have workshops and seminars on the filmmaking, music placement opportunities and songwriting challenges.  

Our award ceremony at each event recognizes the best film syncs in multiple categories. Best Sync | Best Score | Best Solo Performance | Best Drama Score | Etc. 

What is the Film Placement Conference?

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This is a fusion between a film festival, networking, workshops and pitch fest.

What is Drizzle Films

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Drizzle Films is the production and fund matching team that converts book ideas into shorts, sitcoms or full feature films.

Music and Film... WHY?

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Those that make film, don’t make music. Those that music don’t make film. Putting the two in the same room is magic.


Music Listening Sessions

Filmmakers attend listening sessions to discover great songs for their current and future films. 

MooVee PItch

Professionally prepare your pitch. MooVeePitch is a sponsor and professional partner of FPC

Film & music Fest Awards

Our film red carpet and award show recognizes great music and film. 

“The music placement conference is great at putting filmmakers, music supervisors and music creators in the same room to build relationships. “

J Denning


“Getting your project on TV, Video on Demand and more? I’m looking forward to your events” 

M Lewis


“The songwriting challenge got me to team up and collaborate with other writers. We are still writing on current projects”

D Williams


“Looking forward to a successful Film Placement Conference since I enjoyed my time at the Music Placement Conference”

T Dash

Music Producer

Film Conference.
Pitch and Distribution.

Sept 2020 – Atlanta, GA


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